Client: Seed Force

the Seed Force brand

A brand promise shift

Seed Force was established in 2006 to deliver world-class cultivar genetics to the Australian market. The promise was simple: to add value along the supply chain, for the benefit of agronomists, resellers and end-users alike. Champion seed selection by enhancing the true value of high product performance.

The Challenge

Though the brand promise remained consistent, Seed Force were finding that their brand was being diluted with a lack of messaging consistency. Ultimately, this came down to a product first, brand value second approach. This was eroding brand recognition and undermining the value that Seed Force brought across the supply chain.

The Solution

By reevaluating Seed Force’s brand positioning, we realised that we could align Seed Force’s role in the market as the true value provider that it is. Not just a seed company, but an intersection of where partnerships, technology and products meet.

This entailed a contemporary visual brand identity, a strategic platform encompassing all product & brand collateral, a reseller rewards programme and much more.

Before & After