Client: The Helping Hub

The gift of help
and helpfulness

What can I do to help?

When those we care about are experiencing life changing moments, like celebrating a new baby, moving into a new home, transitioning to a new job or going through tough times; Helping Hub’s goal it to make that difficult question easier. A platform where users can purchase support services or thoughtful gifts, the Helping Hub facilitates practical support at life’s most difficult times.

The Challenge

Our challenge had two key elements; explaining Helping Hub’ mission and how it works, and improving the platform so it would be easier to use.

The Solution

We created an explainer video, featuring the Helping Hub founder, that succinctly explains the Helping Hub from the most reliable source and could be used at places like fundraising events or corporate talks. We also revamped the website to be more usable and encourage more helpful behaviour.

The Production