Client: 4Legs Pet Food

Launch Campaign
4Legs Slow Cooked Range

Launching 4Legs Slow Cooked range

The Slow Cooked range was developed by 4Legs as a homestyle meal using premium human grade ingredients and meeting all standards of a nutrient balanced diet for your dog no matter it’s age or breed. The brief was to develop a brand that would focus on the connection between dog and owner. Furthermore, also educating consumers on the humanisation of the product itself.

The Challenge

This is a unique product in a highly competitive space, therefore a strategy was needed that would cut through the clutter and ensure consumers would not only connect with the product from an attribute point of view but also understand its development from production to plate.

The Solution

A two stage strategic communications approach was adopted focussing on 1 – The humanisation of the recipe and the quality of ingredients and 2 – Its unique narrative from production to plate.

The result? An engaging online presence for Slow Cooked that educates and captivates existing and potential customers, delivered through multiple channels. This included targeted EDM’s, social static tiles, video content/reels, and product focused competitions. Through these varying points of content, we aimed to give consumers a comprehensive look into the benefits of this product range whilst simultaneously forming a sense of familiarity with it. 

Results between October - January
  • 440,0000 Impressions
  • Reach 300,000
  • 10% increase in subscription database
  • 10% increase in social media audience following
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