Zebra AG

Connecting brands
with the real Australia

All Zebra stripes are unique and so too are all farmers, resellers, agronomists and your agribusiness partners.

We elevate agriculture brands, helping them develop their visual architecture, brand identity while really helping them connect with their audience. Driving awareness, engagement and action. 

With over 20 years of experience in the agribusiness space, we have an intimate understanding of the industry and the participants. We use our industry knowledge and strategic-minded approach to identify the real challenges, tell the real stories and create bespoke solutions that enable real change.

Some agriculture work we've done in the past


RAGT - Brand Launch

Relaunching Seed Force as RAGT Australia after its aquisition by the French seed giant, RAGT
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Castlegate James

Castlegate James - Rebranding

How we transformed the Castlegate James brand from that of a stock feed business into a leader in co-product food management. 
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Barenbrug - Always On Campaign

The true voice of Australian agriculture - Certainty is no laughing matter for Aussie growers and producers – you can see it on their faces.
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