Client: Castlegate James

Castlegate James

A Rebranding for the ages

Castlegate James is transitioning from an agricultural stock feed producer to a process solution provider. They are industry leading in refining consumer grade excess from the food industry, creating ‘co-products’ with versatile applications over a broad range of industries. Zebra Direction and Castlegate James worked together to develop the brand positioning, placing Castlegate James on the right course for the future. 

The Challenge

Transform the Castlegate James Brand from that of a stock feed business into a leader in co-product food management. A sustainable, credible and responsible company that is tackling a major world issue – food waste.

The Solution

Working closely with the client, Zebra facilitated the shift in business focus, setting a plan for the business transformation. Establishing new brand values and creating a new brand proposition and positioning more aligned to the new business focus.

This was followed by a radical change in brand visual identity. Starting with a new brand mark. Constructed by using two hexagons (universally known natural structures) linking together, portraying the organic product transformation process undertaken by CJA.

The new ‘clean’ styling with a fresh new colour palette and contemporary typography was rolled out across collateral, livery, website, advertising and merchandise to support CJAs new position in the market.