Client: Seed Force

Seed Force

Seed Force Greenland

Seed Force’s Greenland is one of the leading forage brassicas available in Australia. It’s durable, higher-yielding and can handle the challenging Australian weather extremes. However, a couple of years without active promotion had led to much of its market share being eaten away by inferior competing products

The Challenge

How could we recapture some of this lost market share, raise awareness of the renamed category and uniquely position Greenland in a competitive and jargon-heavy product category?

The Solution

With its superior ability to grow in rough Australian conditions, we decided to see how far we could take this premise, not only to recapture the Greenland awareness, but to reinvigorate the category and take it away from technical proof-points that inform (but don’t excite) our customers.

To reinforce this point, we began by depicting Greenland growing in some more unconventional settings, including in a gumboot or a house gutter. Using social, digital, print and DM channels, we gradually took Greenland into increasingly stranger territories. Over the space of three months, we moved from unconventional to outlandish, as we took this durable variety to the Arctic Circle, the inside of a volcano, and finally, all the way to the moon and beyond.

The Results
  • Over 13,000 direct-marketing contacts
  • Social reach of 160,000
  • Over 2,000 social user actions