Client: William Adams Cat

Recruitment Campaign
Love Your Job, Love Your Life

Making a splash with interstate recruitment

William Adam Caterpillar supplies Caterpillar products and services to the Construction, Mining, Quarrying, On- Highway Truck and Marine Industries in Victoria and Tasmania. With over 90 years association with Caterpillar, extensive field service coverage, unrivalled product support and technology equipment management; William Adams is helping you get the job done.

The Challenge

The company saw itself in urgent need for some experienced CAT technicians as local skill shortages and the difficulty of enticing diesel mechanics to work in Victoria proved to be an ongoing challenge.

Some of the hurdles the company encountered included shoulder tapping by local competitors. WA organisations offering more competitive renumeration packages and sign on bonuses and borders opening attracting FIFO workers again.

The Solution

We needed to create a platform that not only communicated the appeal of working with an iconic brand like Caterpillar but also promoted all that working in Victoria has to offer.

It was imperative that our concept and assets aligned with key values of the organisation and stood out from the crowd of competitive advertising noise and made tracks in the market.  

We created a campaign that was reminiscent of a tourism campaign using the tagline ‘Love Your Job, Love  Your Life’ over grand images of country Victoria. Within these landscapes, the target audience was depicted engaging in various outdoor pursuits. Focussing on how they would spend their weekend off if they were to work in Victoria for WAC. 

The images were shot in black and white with the focus of each image picked out in Caterpillar yellow to maximise impact and to tip a nod to the brand.

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